• Angelica de Leon

Why I Got Into Photography

Although I love helping people and (I’d like to think that I’m) saving lives, photography is my hobby and my passion. I initially got into photography because of my dogs; I fell in love with taking photos of them, and always striving to improving my editing skills and composition. Recently, I have discovered a newfound passion for photographing couples and family. I think mainly because, I’m in love with all things love.

I used to be one of those people who didn’t believe in true, genuine love, and I didn’t use to believe in marriage. I suppose I was jaded from my previous relationships, because I never felt that “mushy-gushy”, butterfly in the stomach, lovey-dovey feeling. My previous relationships were something that I settled with, so I wouldn’t feel alone.

My last relationship I ended because ultimately, we wanted and believed in different things in life. I think the last straw for me was that I felt like a prisoner, and I felt like I lost myself. After being on my own for little bit, hiking, backpacking with my pups and friends, I started to feel empowered, and more confident. That’s when I met Sean.

I’d stop reading here if you are the type of person that can’t handle the lovey-dovey business, continue on if you’re up for it.

It was one of those love at first sight moments. I went to hang out with friends and watch a movie, and we met at bar before the movie. I sat across from Sean at the table that we were sitting at, and from there everything just fell into place.

Fast forward a year and a half, and now we’re living together. I was surprised when Sean agreed to take couple pictures with me, because my Instagram newsfeed was filled with couple pictures. Sean and I took a lot of “family photos” (with the dogs) with my tripod, but I wanted that raw, authentic, candid, “I can tell you’re in love” photos. That’s when I reached out Rachel Clements (rachelclements.co) to do a couple session. I fell in love with her Instagram feed because I loved her color pallet, but most of all, I loved the way her pictures made me feel.

I scheduled it two months in advanced. I thought maybe it would give me time to work out, diet, and lose weight before the photoshoot. I was never the person to be confident in front of the camera and being little more overweight (I blame nursing school), didn’t help my confidence.

Fast forward again to the photoshoot day… and I don’t think I lost any weight, and I wasn’t feeling all that pretty. But, I had my friend’s sister, Hardu Kandola, do my hair and makeup, and WOW! She did an amazing job! At Gold Creek Pond, where we met Rachel for our photoshoot, I was nervous… and I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking in my gut and elongating my neck to hide my double chin. But after a few photos, Rachel coached us and talked us through the whole thing, and all my fears and worries went away. I was just caught up in “it’s just me and Sean”, and I can’t believe how fun it was!

About a month later, I got the email with the album… and my heart dropped. I think I even teared up, the pictures were so beautiful, and everything I wanted. I loved the pictures Rachel captured of us because what she captured is what I feel everyday I’m with him- in love.

I guess this is when I was inspired to start my little photography gig. I want others to feel how comfortable I felt in front of the camera, and the ability to share your story through a photo, while I have the fun of taking the pictures and editing them.


Photo by Rachel Clements

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