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Our 2019 Family Christmas Photos

I'd like to preface this blog by saying that no animals were harmed in the dress up of Christmas llama PJs, and all photos posted below were taken by me, and the marvelous 10 second timer!

I'm not sure why I dropped the ball on booking a photographer to take our family photo this year. I lie. I did have session booked with Miguel Cornelio (http://miguelcornelio.com) Bu. But I was horrible and cancelled because I was having insecurities from the nursing residency (previously nursing school) weight gain. I can't be the only one that feel this way right?

Anyway, when I realized that we needed family photos done, I went to my trusty tripod.

Last week I hosted mini sessions at Honey Tree Farm in Auburn. This is also the tree farm that I took photos of Adam and Alicia last year, and where we cut our down last year. So, Sean and I loaded the dogs into the car, Sean brought his portable power saw, and we headed back to our favorite little tree farm. Last year, we went with a Douglas fir...but we only picked it because of the name of the tree. This year, I was debating on even getting a tree because this is the first year owning cats, and I've heard horror stories about cats and Christmas trees. You know, the memes of the Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling, or baby gates protecting the tree. We decided to risk it and get a tree anyway.

After walking around for about 35 minutes, we decided to stop and do our tripod picture. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring our cats to the Christmas tree farm, so we wore our popyourpup.com shirts of Charlie and Chewie! They were there with us in spirit. HAH! After about 5 tries of 10 second tripod photos, we finally picked an already cut tree (because there wasn't a good selection).

We got home, changed into our Christmas Llama PJs that I bought from target back in October, and set up my flash and tripod again. After... 15 minutes of chasing the cats AND dogs to get them into their PJs, I was losing patience... and dripping sweat in my sherpa llama sweater.

I hope you enjoy our family photos, because next year, we are NOT getting flannel PJs.

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