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Catching Up

It has been a very long time since I have posted. Since my last post, which was about me passing my NCLEX to get my Registered Nurse license, A LOT has happened! I'll bullet point them below.

- I've been working as a Nurse at a jail, and I am also a Nurse in an Emergency Department.

-Sean and I have gotten two kittens, and they have honestly been so much fun, and SO much different than owning dogs, hah! Surprisingly the dogs and the cats get along so well!

-Sean and I working around finally organizing the house. More specifically, my office, his office, and the downstairs guest bedroom. I mean... It's been two years since we moved in together, and we are finally are making use of the rooms in the house other than the kitchen and the main bedroom.

-I've been doing a lot of engagement and family photoshoots. I have been an associate photographer to the amazing, Miguel Cornelio, http://miguelcornelio.com.

We have shot three weddings together, and I can't believe how much I admire him! He is so incredibly talented and I have grown so much as a photographer and as a person. I told Sean that if he proposes to me, he has to coordinate with Miguel, because of course... there has to be photos of the proposal! Also... Sean and I went ring shopping... STAY TUNED!!!

Here are some photos of the Jacob and Emily's Wedding in August. I was Miguel's associate, and I would have to say, I think we make an amazing team. I look forward to working with Miguel again!

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